Key Verticals

Telna offers network services to a variety of kinds of clients.

For MNOs

MNOs can partner with Telna to unlock new revenue through sponsored roaming. In this scenario MNOs provide their existing IMSIs (roaming agreements) to the platform, which drive traffic and revenue.

Benefits for MNO sponsors:

  • Benefit from new revenue streams: Get access to new foreign customer base by leveraging your pre-negotiated agreements and commercializing your existing assets.
  • No impact or cannibalization of existing inbound roaming revenue streams
  • Increase traffic and be in a stronger position to negotiate lower inter-operator tariffs (IOTs)
  • Easy set-up: requires no new network elements, change of SIM cards, or complex network engineering


MVNOs can easily connect to Telna’s Multi-IMSI Roaming Hub where they can access low roaming rates around the world to offer to end users. Through Telna’s Multi-IMSI Roaming Hub, MVNOs can enjoy instant worldwide coverage without long negotiations with individual roaming partners. Launch can happen within weeks, and prices are known upfront in a single currency. For end users, the delivery is transparent and smooth.

Benefits for MVNO buyers:

  • Expand service offerings so your customers can travel easily with your brand.
  • Distinguish your company in the market and be attractive for the price-conscious customer.
  • Reduce costs by working with one bilateral roaming partner instead of several.
  • Access a turn-key, end-to-end solution, including network agreements, transparent management solutions, and delivery mechanisms through Telna’s parent company KnowRoaming.

Telna is an expert in servicing the needs of MNOs and MVNOs, with more than a decade of experience. Contact us to learn more about how Telna can meet your needs and increase your revenue.


Machine to machine (M2M) technology is revolutionizing the way that businesses work. Devices are built with the power to stay data-connected at all times, particularly in the industries of healthcare, logistics, broadcasting, and transportation.

Remote device access is crucial in these situations where they need to be monitored while in the field. Telna specializes in high-bandwidth, global connectivity for M2M devices that need reliable connectivity across borders.

Telna SIM cards have a custom operating system designed for On-demand activation (ODA) and remote Over-The-Air (OTA) maintenance. This includes M2M Standard SIM, M2M Industrial SIM, and M2M Soldered Mounted SIM.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next stage of M2M applications, where devices not only become connected, but their data is integrated to provide enterprise solutions. Input from IoT can help companies intelligently manage their big data and analytics to inform their competitive decisions. IoT is fast emerging in the fields of transportation, home connectivity, and wearables.

Telna provides superior high-bandwidth connectivity for IoT devices, especially those that require international roaming. Travel applications for IoT will be the next generation of this innovation and Telna is positioned to provide this border-spanning access.


Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have a unique opportunity to place Telna network access directly into mobile devices using either an Embedded SIM solution or a 100% software SIM from parent company KnowRoaming.

Additionally, this Soft SIM operates fully in software and can be easily implemented with drop-in integration. This SIM can be fully deployed into any mobile device: handsets, tablets, or other M2M applications.

Once the Soft SIM is implemented, users can access Telna’s network and rates then manage them through a real-time app or portal.


Branded Retail

Telna provides customized, white-label services to brands around the world. Partners can offer white-label SIM cards or Global SIM Stickers under their brand for their specialized retail environment.

Partners choose Telna’s services because of the end-to-end service it can offer, from customized delivery platforms to transparent management tools and global network access. Customer service is also available, as are other add-ons at the partner’s discretion. Retail partners can customize rates as well as their entire brand experience and be confident that customers are enjoying seamless connectivity.